Cornerstone Community means I have a home to return to after an AA meeting. I no longer have to hang out in the park or in the evening, stand in line to wait to get into a shelter. I have a key to unlock my door on a rainy day.  Day-by-day I am rebuilding my life. When it seems like a huge burden to bear, I know there is a place that will lift me up — my home.

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Addict.This word has defined many of the resident’s lives and who they are for so long. At Cornerstone, no man is just a label. We believe that each man has an “unborn wholeness,” a divine spark within them. Our role at Cornerstone is to provide the environment where this wholeness is recognized, nurtured and strengthened so that each man can see his own wholeness and live out of that identity. We work hard to be a place of peace, compassion, openness and patience. In this context of community, we believe the men who call Cornerstone home are better able to rebuild their lives.

The vision of the Cornerstone Community is to be a family for homeless men who want to live a substance-free life. We are the ones who will love them, hope with them, and struggle with them until they are able to create a drug free and healthy future for themselves.

We are called to be a community of caring where formerly homeless men who are regaining their physical and mental health and who want to live drug and alcohol free can rest, heal and grow towards a positive future in the loving, accepting, patient environment of home.

Overcoming substance abuse without a strong support network of family, friends, and peers is daunting and difficult. Remaining sober with little or no support in an unstable living situation is literally a life and death struggle.

At Cornerstone we believe that:


Each life is precious and intended to be lived with meaning.


Love and forgiveness are the most powerful agents for positive personal change. Relationship is the specific therapy of the Cornerstone Community.

Cornerstone Community meal

All members are equally important to the life of our community and the society in which we live. Within each individual is the Spirit of God. Every man can, within a loving and safe environment, find healing and learn to give and receive love.


Community operates best without judgment, punishment and violence. There is structure to facilitate the life, health and safety of the community and each of its members, but always within the context of love, acceptance and forgiveness.


Each individual has all the gifts, abilities, knowledge, character and answers within them that they need to live and grow into their new life. We just come alongside to nurture and water the soil that will produce the unique fruit of a fulfilled and loving life.

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